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Our Purpose

To provide nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children when schools are traditionally closed.

When schools close for winter, spring and summer breaks, KidSafe opens. We provide vulnerable children with the safety, supervision, nutritious meals and educational programming they need and deserve but lack access to due to their challenging life circumstances.

Our Core Values

1. All children attending our programs have been professionally referred by their principal or teacher as a student most in need of safe, free, accessible programs and services when schools are closed.

2. All KidSafe programs and services are offered entirely free of charge.

Our Vision

All children live in a safe community with the inspiration and support they deserve to become healthy, contributing citizens.


Jeremy’s Story

“Jeremy” is 11 years old and in grade 6. He loves swimming and camping, and aspires to be a professional basketball player.

Jeremy grew up with a single mother who struggles with addiction. He had recently been placed in the custody of his uncle.

Jeremy was referred to KidSafe’s Summer Break Program by a caring teacher at his elementary school. While at KidSafe, Jeremy spoke often about how he missed his mother. He expressed sadness that he didn’t know where she was. He hoped that she would come back.

Here are a few excerpts from an interview between Jeremy and a KidSafe staff member, about his life and what he likes about KidSafe.

“It’s really hard for me right now. No one in my family really knows. I like to come to KidSafe. There are adults that I can speak to. People listen to me. It helps to say it out loud sometimes.”

(To the interviewer) “I feel safe here because of the staff and because you are here. I trust you. Trust means when you give somebody something you know they will give it back. Trust is when someone will help you. If you trust someone, they won’t hurt you.”

“KidSafe is for kids who don’t feel safe. I feel safe. Extra safe.”