Chris Brown Hairity Fundraiser!

Chris Brown

There are so many ways to support your favourite charities, and Chris Brown of Capital Event Management came up with a new and unique one through a conversation with a close friend and business partner- more of a challenge, really; to let his hair grow out as opposed to shaving his head clean as he usually does! Not one to back down from a challenge, Chris accepted the uncomfortable task of letting his hair grow out to a ‘hideous’ length (his word, not ours!) and we couldn’t be more grateful for his sacrifice! So far Chris has raised $23,600 through his amazing community of friends and colleagues- and climbing!

Chris was introduced to KidSafe by Market One Media a number of years ago through our annual pancake breakfast, and was so touched by meeting some of the kids and learning more about KidSafe that he decided to get involved with our Golf for KidSafe Tournament!

When asked what his favourite part of this experience has been, Chris says that he was blown away by the amount of support that was given for a seemingly silly reason of growing out his hair. “I think it also proves that we all want to help out our community and help to provide for Vancouver’s kids in need of our support. I’m just really proud of all of the support and exposure given to a great charity!”

How can you get more involved?

“Pick a charity or a movement that touches you, and figure out a way to make a difference. Whether it’s donating, raising money, or volunteering your time just commit to a goal or target and that will drive you to exceed it! At the end of the day it’s about taking that first step, and committing yourself to making a positive impact on your community.”

And that he has! Chris’s fundraiser is still ongoing, and he has his sights set on raising $30,000 for KidSafe!!

Thank you so much to Chris Brown for pulling his amazing community together to support Vancouver’s vulnerable kids! Vulnerable children in our community don’t lack the desire or ability to achieve great things, often just the opportunity. On behalf of KidSafe, thank you for showing them they deserve the opportunity!