Donor Profile: Methanex Corporation


This summer, KidSafe was excited to welcome Methanex Corporation as a new donor, when the company became a sponsor of our Young Leaders Summer Program! In addition to providing critical funds, Methanex employees rolled-up their sleeves and gave their time as volunteers in KidSafe’s kitchens, and also at our annual Career Fair!

We asked Methanex’s employees to share their experience volunteering with KidSafe, and we were touched and inspired by their responses!

Question: What compelled you to volunteer with KidSafe?
Methanex employee responses:  “Prior to KidSafe’s proposal to support the Youth Leaders Program in the summer, I had heard of KidSafe before but knew very little about them.  After learning more about their programs and meeting with a few of the organizers, we felt a close connection with KidSafe’s much-needed work in the community and made a donation to the summer program and volunteered as well.”

“I felt compelled to volunteer after hearing from the organizers about the gap in government funding and support for essential services for kids. We are blessed to live in BC and in this society no child should be left without proper care, nutritious food and educational support.”

“To give back to my community and have a positive impact on kids who really need support – I am so fortunate in my life and I think it is important for those of us who have the ability and the time to make a difference in our communities.”

Question: What was your favourite part of the experience?

Methanex employee responses:  “Watching the kids be kids in a positive, safe space. Also, watching a father sit with his son as his son ate breakfast. As a parent I imagined how good it would feel to know that my child had access to healthy meals.”

“The huge smiles when the kids saw the home made muffins – several kids came back for seconds and thirds!”

“I enjoyed meeting the kids during breakfast service and working with KidSafe staff and other volunteers.  I was inspired by everyone’s enthusiasm, generosity and compassion  for the kids.  It was very rewarding for me to volunteer in such an upbeat work environment for such a worthwhile cause.  I also attended the career fair and was delighted to get to know the kids even better and answer questions about my career path.  These kids deserve our support to reach their goals.”

Question: What advice would you give to another local business person interested in volunteering?
Methanex employee responses: “Getting out volunteering allowed me to connect with the kids and the organizers and truly understand the impact of our company’s charitable donation which I could then share back with colleagues and leadership. On a personal level – it just made me feel good to do something positive for these kids.”

“Kidsafe is extremely well run, cost conscious, efficient and strategic in how they seek and spend donations.  It is rare to see such excellent stewardship, governance and strategic planning in a non-profit organization.  You can trust that money donated will be maximized for the benefit of the kids in need – and also will provide leadership opportunities for kids graduating from the program.”

“The KidSafe Project is well-run by a small team of committed and motivated people who made my volunteer experience rewarding.  I truly enjoyed preparing and serving breakfast to the kids and answering questions about my job during the career fair.  I learned a lot about the needs of vulnerable kids in our community and will be back again to give the kids my support and show that I care.  KidSafe provides an essential service to young families facing challenges in their lives and the demand is growing.  I recommend getting involved to make a difference in the future of the bright and wonderful kids in the program.”

Thank you to our friends at Methanex for making summer break a time of health & happiness for our youth!