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25 Years of KidSafe Matching Campaign


TOTAL Raised to date, including offline donations: $34,695

Between now and April 30, 2018 all donations made to KidSafe will be DOUBLED up to $50,000.

We are thrilled that this has been made possible for a second year by KidSafe supporter and local entrepreneur, Shafin Diamond Tejani!

Click on the button below to be directed to our 25 Years of KidSafe Matching Campaign page. Your donation will help KidSafe welcome 350 inspiring children into our break programs this year!

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Or join our KidSafe Clubhouse by signing up as monthly donor:

Just follow the link and change Donation Frequencey to ‘Monthly’. Vulnerable children and families count on KidSafe. Monthly donations are crucial to our ability to plan and deliver high-quality, reliable programming each year. Donate now.