KidSafe youth win big at Lacrosse Tournament!


School’s back in session and you know what that means: A group of fantastic KidSafe alumni are beginning grade 8!

Each year, KidSafe supports 30-40 of our alumni as they transition into grade 8. We advocate for free placements in extra-curricular community programming of each youth’s choice. To ensure youth can attend their new program regularly, and participate fully, we also provide them with a monthly bus pass, program equipment, and 1:1 mentorship, all entirely free of charge!

We’re proud to report that we’ve placed our first lacrosse players through our KidLink Program thanks to the Vancouver Lacrosse Association! Michael and Justin (names changed) have been busy honing their skills throughout their first year of high school, and it paid off this summer when their team took home the bronze trophy in a lacrosse tournament!

Justin’s mom describes the multiple ways lacrosse has helped her son grow: “Because of lacrosse he has opened up more and has been more active. He spends more time  out of the house and finds time to practice at nearby parks and play other sports such as basketball. He’s more social and enjoys interacting with his teammates and has a positive relationship with his coach. He loves lacrosse, there’s been a big change in him and he’s excited to start up again in the fall!” 

Would you like to help KidSafe carry on the positive momentum? Learn how you can support a KidSafe alumnus.