One sunny morning at KidSafe…


It’s a sunny Tuesday morning at Thunderbird elementary, KidSafe’s newest program site. Coming around the corner is the first cohort of children dropped off by one of KidSafe’s four school buses. Somehow sleepy and energetic all at the same time, the group descends onto the playground with a few minutes to spare before breakfast.
“I’ve been here 20 days already,” exclaims seven-year-old Adam. “It’s awesome! Today we’re going to a park with a zip-line!”

The park that Adam refers to is Terra Nova Adventure Park, and it is one of the ten field-trips KidSafe has already offered children this summer. Indeed before summer is up, KidSafe will have provided children with 16 fun field-trips to community locales like Science World, Splashdown Park, Granville Island, and more. Not only do these activities introduce children to new places in their community, they allow them to have fun, relax, and enjoy their summers as kids.
“It was a really tough year for me,” shares eleven-year-old Kristen. “Really tough. I like it here.”
After a quick game of playground tag is complete, the children make their way to the lunchroom for a hot, home-cooked breakfast of whole wheat pancakes, fruit salad, scrambled eggs and hash browns. The buffet-line is run by three grade 7 children whose kindness and leadership are immediately evident. While scooping generous servings of everything on the menu, they encourage their peers to “give it all a try!”

After quickly finishing her own breakfast, Kristen comes back over. After sharing an enthusiastic high-five, she smiles and says quietly: “Yes…yes. I’m having a great summer.”