Break Programs

{winter, spring and summer}

Each weekday of winter, spring and summer holidays, KidSafe keeps six inner-city elementary schools open to provide our essential Break Programs to 350 referred children:

  • Queen Alexandra elementary
  • Grandview/uuqinak’uuh elementary
  • Macdonald elementary
  • Thunderbird elementary
  • Florence Nightingale elementary
  • Cook elementary

Our Break Programs include the following services essential to a child’s physical and mental health and well-being:

  • A full day’s nutritious meals, cooked on-site and from scratch
  • A 1:10 ratio of caring adult staff supervisors who provide emotional and behavioural supports
  • Safe transportation to and from our program. A $100 donation brings 40 children safely to KidSafe for a day. Donate here!
  • Educational activities and field-trips in five pillars: Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness, Science & Nature, Literacy and Leadership. A $20 donation provides a child with a fun field-trip! Donate here!

By attending KidSafe’s Break Programs, a vulnerable child not only receives the immediate physical and mental health services they need and deserve when schools are closed, they also become better-suited to learn and participate alongside their peers when school resumes.


Jenna’s story

Jenna is a single mom with a nine-year-old daughter who moved to Vancouver from Calgary. Her daughter has been in KidSafe since she was in kindergarten.

“I work and find it difficult, working and supporting my daughter. I have been supporting her since she was 19 months old and her dad passed away. It was difficult but having my daughter made me strong.”

“When I came [to Vancouver], I went into a state of depression. I was never away from my family and when I came to Vancouver, I had never seen things in my life that I have seen [here]. The neighbourhood is pretty bad. Kids see it all. Some may see it at home. They need a place to hide from it all.”

“My daughter has been in KidSafe since kindergarten. No matter who comes into the school [KidSafe] staff care about the children. It’s not just a job to them. You can trust the people here. If there was no KidSafe, I would have to take time off work to stay home, but I can’t afford it.”

“What makes me so strong? I don’t think I’m strong. I’m just surviving. If I have strength, it’s from my daughter. I just want her to be happy and safe. [KidSafe] just opened up their arms and let me come in.”