Engaged Outreach Services

Many of the children referred to KidSafe do not have the means necessary to attend our program regularly and safely. Whether it be due to competing family demands, grueling work schedules of parents and caregivers, or mental health challenges in the home, daily attendance can be a struggle beyond a child’s control.

Engaged Outreach is KidSafe’s attendance strategy that helps ensure the children referred to our programs have the support needed to attend regularly. Engaged Outreach consists of two important services that transport children to and from their homes and KidSafe’s programs:

  1. Driving school buses
  2. Walking school buses (i.e. KidSafe staff!)

Each Break Program session we offer Engaged Outreach services to approximately one-third of all our participants. A $100 donation can bring 40 children to KidSafe for a fun-filled day of programming! Donate here!

Since implementing this strategy, KidSafe has realized a 13% increase in daily attendance at our Break Programs. It has also allowed KidSafe to form strong connections with parents and caregivers, and help meet the unique challenges each family is facing.


“Thanks to Engaged Outreach, Hailey and Justin are more excited to get up in the morning. They walk themselves downstairs and they feel more grown up. Hailey seems more confident, happy and able to make new friends. She is not sad when she comes home.” -Bonnie, mother of two KidSafe children