KidLink Transition Program

Grade 8 is widely recognized as a stumbling point for vulnerable youth, with poverty and its effects being understood as the most critical risk condition.

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KidSafe ensures that for the youth we serve, the transition into adolescence is not one they have to make alone. KidLink is our youth transition program that connects the 30-40 youth graduating out of our break programs each year with the community programs and services they need to support a healthy transition into high school.

Through KidLink, we provide:

  • A Transition Worker to work 1:1 with each youth to develop an integrated support plan
  • Referral to free spaces in external community programs and social services that meet each youth’s unique interests and needs
  • A monthly transit pass to help youth access programs and services regularly. A $52 gift can provide a youth with a bus pass for one month! Donate here!
  • Program equipment (soccer cleats, sketch books, etc.).
  • Monthly “Alumni Night” group activities with fellow KidSafe “alumni.” A $20 gift can pay for a fun group activity for one youth! Donate here!


KidSafe alumni share how the program has impacted their lives.

KidLink is supported by a generous grant from

Coast Capital Savings