Young Leaders Program

KidSafe’s most popular program, Young Leaders is an 8-week leadership mini-program that serves 50 vulnerable youth ages 12-13 who are enrolled in KidSafe’s Summer Break Program.

Youth are specifically referred to Young Leaders because they are facing barriers to access the positive break-time programs they need and deserve. With nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to turn to, vulnerable youth become frequent targets for gang involvement and sexual exploitation, as these activities represent an enticing means for youth to extract themselves from poverty, and provide a sense of belonging and affection that they may not be receiving elsewhere.

Led by a team of caring adult mentors, Young Leaders engages youth in specific workshops and field-trips designed to develop leadership and positive peer relationship skills, prepare youth for high-school transition, promote citizenry and increase job readiness.

We also recruit youth volunteers from our Young Leaders program, who give back to future generations during our break programs. Our ability to engage youth in these expanded ways is a testament to the supportive engaging atmosphere and staff we provide at KidSafe.


“At Young Leaders, we learned to trust each other. It was fun and serious team-building!”
Joseph, age 13