Thank you, Crofton House School community!!


Recently KidSafe was lucky enough to attend the Crofton House Winter Bazaar. More than 4,000 people attended the festival-style event that raised an astonishing $61,800  that Crofton House School has generously donated to KidSafe! This amazing gift will help us to provide essential services and programs to vulnerable kids in need of support over the coming year’s school breaks!

The Crofton House Winter Bazaar is the result of months of organization and work by the Crofton House School Parents’ Auxiliary, with the volunteer support of hundreds of parents and students. Over 900 parent and student volunteers worked together to prepare for and make this year’s Winter Bazaar a resounding success.

“Once again this year’s Winter Bazaar saw Crofton House School’s commitment to community and citizenship come to life. Our amazing parents, students and staff all worked together to put on this incredible event and welcome the wider community to our campus,” said Suzanne Chong, 2017 co-chair of the Crofton House Winter Bazaar. “This is event is so much more than a school fair, it’s a way for our community to celebrate our spirit, our sense of connection with one another, and demonstrate our shared goal of helping children in our own city who need support,” continued Kris Dattani, co-chair.

KidSafe has been blown away by the incredible efforts of the Crofton House community to support vulnerable children. From students to parents to staff, it is very clear that the values of caring for one another and impacting the world positively are taken deeply to heart at Crofton House. Their support means that in the coming year, Vancouver’s most vulnerable children will be safer, healthier, and happier during the critical time when the supports of school are unavailable.

A HUGE shout out to Kris Dattani, Suzanne Chong and the entire planning committee for bringing together hundreds of Crofton House School student and parent volunteers who generously and tirelessly worked to put on this amazing community event that KidSafe is beyond grateful to be benefiting from!