Thank you, Matching Campaign Donors!


KidSafe is excited to announce that we’ve raised $173,475 via our Matching Campaign, including an incredible $50,000 from Shafin Diamond Tejani! We’d like to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to all the generous community members who made a donation!

This campaign comes at a critical time. KidSafe exists because thousands of local children face significant and persistent barriers to access the safety and services they need. The challenges KidSafe seeks to overcome will not disappear in a year, but rather require the commitment and long-term investment of our entire community.

If you’ve made a gift to our Matching Campaign, we’d like to thank you again, and ask you to consider making it an annual commitment. If you haven’t had the chance to donate yet this year, we invite you to do so. Your gift will help us meet our critical annual target of $1.2 million.

Thank you for believing that all children have the right to safety, health, and happiness.


Shafin Diamond Tejani
Alana Couch Photography Frank Hunaus Nicole Martin
Albert Chang Frank Lindsay Pacific Bottleworks Co
Aleem Bandali Gavin and Sara Forsyth Parking Pleasantries
Alex Franke Grant Charles Patricia & Kevin Huscroft, SVP Vancouver
Alisa Ferdinandi Greg Vriend Patricia Parsons
Alyssa Han Gyda Chud Patricia Taylor
Amanda Magee Henry Bee Patti Bacchus
Andrea Lee Howard Tran Peter Gawlick
Andrew Hung Hussein Lalani Randy Schisler
Andy Wu Ian Wilshaw Rebecca Gosse
Anita Leung iQmetrix Software Development Corp. Rick Eng
Anonymous donor via Tides Canada Jacqueline Kim Perez Rob Nernberg
Ayaz Jessa James & Allison MacInnis Robert Gair
Barbara Hodgins James Conklin Robin Parry
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Jane Davidson Roland & Gail Schmidt
Bosa Properties Foundation Jane Osler Ron Scott
Brennen Smith Janette Lindley Rosa & Pino Rana
Buy-Low Foods Janice St. Helene Rosanna Tallarico
Carla Alexander Jarma Del Rosario Rosanna Tallarico Law Corporation
Catherine Rana Jarret McKee Ross & Barb Hutchison
Central City Foundation Jim & Casey Fletcher, SVP Vancouver Ryan Bontes
Cheryll Matthews Joan Coombe Sally Geller
Cindy MacMillan Jocelyn Johansson Scott Mackenzie
Curtis Johansson John Lane & Dianne Slimmon Sharon Hunt
Dan Bowditch Jonathan Wong Sherry Floren
David & Gaylean Sutcliffe Julianna Vittorio Sian Crothers
David Billingsley Julie Pappajohn Sondra Schloss
David Palmer Justin De Genova St. Mary’s Kerrisdale
Deborah Hodge Justin MacDonald Stanislava Bedford
Denise Johnson Kathreen Cammayo Stephanie Bertani
Denise Kolodziej Kendall Andersen Stephen Spector
Derek Roelofsen Kent Chawrun Sugarbox Waxing Boutique
Devi Sangara KPMG LLP Susan Lindley
Diane Milne Kris Kotzer Tawni Hall
Don Safnuk, SVP Vancouver Lakhwinder Multani Teresa and Tony Da Roza
Donna Fillipoff Lana Frances Wong Teri Christopher
Doug Masuhara Laura West The Maynard Group
Dr. Geoffrey Dice Inc. Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools Tim Charles Lynne Stanger Timothy Adam Sellers
Edwin Lee Mackenzie Kyle Timothy C Kerr Family Foundation
Eileen Stewart Madeline Rigg Troy Collins
Eileen Vanderburgh Mario Furlan Vancouver Future Fund
Elaine Ross Mary Atkins Victoria Mendes
Elizabeth Macleod Mealshare Wendy Hunter
Eric Watts Morgan and Lisa Sturdy West Point Grey Academy
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Muriel Groves Whole Foods Market
Fiona Beaty Neil Naiman William Fu
Frank Danielson Nick Suen ZG Communications