Wish List


How many times have you answered, “I don’t need anything,” when asked what you want for your birthday, Christmas, and other holidays? It can be a tough question to answer as so many of us are fortunate to have all the supports we need to lead happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Metro Vancouver children live without the essential services they need and deserve.

You can help by creating a KidSafe Gift Registry!

“It’s really hard for me right now, and now one really knows. At KidSafe, there are people to talk to.” – Jacob, 9

KidSafe provides nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children when schools are traditionally closed. We welcome 340 children into our daily break-time programs where children receive emotional support from caring adults, nutritious meals, and educational activities they need to feel safe, happy, and healthy.

The generosity of our community makes KidSafe’s programs possible. You can join a growing list of inspiring individuals who have dedicated their holidays to Vancouver’s vulnerable children. Create your own personal page today, and accept donations to KidSafe in lieu of gifts!

Here are some examples of how the dollars spent can make a real difference today:
- With a $20 donation, a vulnerable child will have the chance to go on a fun-field trip during school break
- With a $50 donation, an inner-city youth will be provided with a bus pass which allows them to connect with supportive programs and caring adults in their community
- With a $100 donation, you can provide a full day's nutrition to 20 children who might go hungry over school break

With the support of caring, concerned citizens like you, we can work toward the vision that all children live in a safe community, with the inspiration and support they deserve to become healthy, contributing citizens.