“Why we Support KidSafe-” Seedlings Foundation


Seedlings Foundation is a private family foundation based in Vancouver, which funds programs that enrich the lives of individuals and families in the community. The family’s inspiring commitment to philanthropy spans three generations with each one taking an active role in making a difference.

Seedlings Foundation have been generously donating to KidSafe for many years. We asked “Why the Seedlings Foundation Supports KidSafe:”

Why have you chosen to support KidSafe this year?
We at the Seedlings foundation have supported Kidsafe for a number of years. We believe that their programming is incredibly important, and addresses a crucial need. Kidsafe provides essential services to children when they are at their most vulnerable – outside the care of our school system. When we learned about their pilot program at Thunderbird Elementary, we were overjoyed at the opportunity to bring Kidsafe’s thoughtful staff and the wonderful support their programming provides to the at risk students at Thunderbird.

What compels you to help combat child poverty?
We believe that children should not be victims of circumstance. By supporting initiatives that combat the innumerable challenges that childhood poverty presents, we believe that these children will be given a greater chance to succeed. By choosing to invest time and resources in these at risk children, not only can we reduce the greater burden on our social support system that is presented if these children fall victim to their circumstance, but we can do our best to ensure that they have a greater quality of life.

You have been a KidSafe donor for many years. What compels you to continue your support?
We are continually impressed with Kidsafe’s ability to identify the important issues that face the children in their care and if necessary, change their programming to address these problems. In 2016, we were excited to be a part of Kidsafe’s Kidlink program, which extends the invaluable support that Kidsafe provides to 40 children who have aged out of the elementary school programming and are beginning what can be a difficult transition into high school. This is just one small example of their ability to grow and adapt their programming to fit the ever-changing needs of the children in their care.


Join the Seedlings Foundation and help KidSafe serve 380 children this year during school break.. Donate from now until April 28, and your donation will be matched, up to $50,000!