“Why We Support KidSafe-” Social Venture Partners Vancouver


Social Venture Partners Vancouver (SVP Vancouver) is a network of engaged philanthropists whose vision is to ensure more children and youth reach their full potential. Back in 2001, KidSafe was proud to be SVP Vancouver’s first-ever investee, receiving critical funds for our Gardening for Growth Program.

Fast-forward 16 years later and SVP Vancouver and its partners continue to be amongst KidSafe’s most critical supporters. In 2017, SVP Vancouver committed funding for KidSafe’s newest break program site at Cook Elementary, which opened earlier this month. We asked Lead Partner Geoffrey Howard to share “Why SVP Supports KidSafe:”

Why has SVP chosen to support KidSafe this year?
SVP has a long history of supporting KidSafe. Most recently we have supported the creation of the KidLink programme and, for 2017, are helping to fund the expansion of KidSafe to a new location.  SVP strongly supports KidSafe’s mission of ensuring that the most vulnerable children in our elementary schools have a safe environment where they can continue to learn and develop socially during school breaks.

What compels SVP to help combat child poverty?
SVP’s own mission is to support organizations that work with vulnerable children in the Lower Mainland.  We see the need to combat child poverty as critical to providing children in poverty with a fair opportunity to participate in our society and economy.

SVP has been a KidSafe donor for many years. What compels you to continue your support?
SVP has been impressed with KidSafe’s track record of continuously expanding its programmes and the fundraising needed to fund those programmes.

Do you have a favourite KidSafe experience?
The annual Christmas present Wrapping Party is always a great way to meet staff and help KidSafe ensure the children receive a gift at Christmas.

Anything else to share?
KidSafe is an incredible example of a strong local organization who has grown steadily over the last 15 years. SVP is proud to have been one of the initial funders, and to have supported the growth and sustainability of this vital community program.

Join SVP Vancouver and help KidSafe serve 390 children this year during school break. Donate from now until April 28, and your donation will be matched, up to $50,000! Click here to donate!