“Why We Support KidSafe-” Mary & Gordon Christopher Foundation


KidSafe’s relationship with The Mary & Gordon Christopher Foundation started in 2013, when it generously donated to our 2013/2014 Winter Break program. Since then, the entire family has been enthusiastically involved with KidSafe, from supporting our golf tournament to volunteering at events. We are incredibly grateful for all they have done for Vancouver’s vulnerable children in so many ways.

We asked Director Teri Christopher to share “Why the Mary & Gordon Christopher Foundation Supports KidSafe:”

Why have you chosen to support KidSafe this year?
KidSafe is an organization that is near and dear to the hearts of our family. We believe strongly in KidSafe’s core values and their mandate to serve Vancouver’s most vulnerable children when schools are closed for breaks.

What compels you to help combat child poverty?
It is a sad truth that 1 in 4 children live in poverty in Metro Vancouver. Our family has been so fortunate and we feel we have a responsibility to give back to the community. All children deserve to be safe, nourished, well cared for and happy.

You have been a KidSafe donor for many years. What compels you to continue your support?
Bottom line, we believe KidSafe is a well-run organization that provides essential programs and services to children who need them most. Our family members have had the opportunity to meet children in the programs and to see the capable, outgoing staff and volunteers in action. KidSafe does excellent work!

Do you have a favourite KidSafe experience?
As a family, our favourite KidSafe experience has been participating in Golf for KidSafe. Last year, seven members of our family golfed in this “feel good” tournament and we plan to do so again this August. There were so many heart-warming moments and lots of laughs throughout the event. It was also wonderful that significant funds were raised to support KidSafe’s vital programs.


Join the Mary & Gordon Christopher Foundation and help KidSafe serve 390 children this year during school break. Donate from now until April 28, and your donation will be matched, up to $50,000!